Sunday, November 7, 2010

Amazing Neighbors if you love to bake bread, what would be the coolest thing that you could possibly imagine?
How about living up the street from a real wood fired bread oven and a neighbor who loves to share his hearth!!!!!!

I've had an opportunity now to not only get to bake a number of times in this incredible oven, but also to get to know a couple who share my love of bringing people together around food. What fun!!!!
The bread and pizzas are amazing and the added element of having someone who is a very accomplished baker to learn and bounce ideas off of is marvelous.  With Mike's coaching and encouragement, I have finally mastered, yes I can honestly say mastered, making the wet doughs that had eluded me for nearly two years.

When time permits, I will post some recipes and maybe a video or two that will show some of the technique involved in working with this ultra fun and delicious type of bread dough.

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